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Fighting Covid-19 together at Choyal Group of Industries

When the nation went into a sudden lockdown on March 22nd, 2020, everyone was confused as to how to move forward during and post lockdown. While the medical professionals were and are doing their best in saving people, we understand that our responsibility as a company and citizens of the country is to help in stopping the spread of Covid-19. So when Covid-19 penetrated India, we implemented a series of precautionary measures to protect all our stakeholders and minimize its spread.  

We executed these procedures as a routine schedule at our manufacturing unit and city office to keep everyone safe and maintain high hygiene and safe packaging.

  • Anyone entering the facility goes through a security check where their vehicle is sanitized, their body temperature is checked and recorded, and are provided with sanitizer to clean themselves.


  • We made sure that everyone present is wearing gloves & mask and practicing social distancing at all times.

  • We installed Hand Sanitizer stands at various places across the facility and made frequent hand washing mandatory.

  • We reduced the workforce at the manufacturing facility by allowing only the fieldwork employees while the rest of the team worked from home. 

To make sure that our customers and our employees who risk their lives in delivering food essentials are safe 

  • We promoted and educated people through our social media handles on the need and importance of doing digital payments.

  • We also promoted no contact delivery by asking our customers to pick up their packages from outside their doors. 

We know and understand that during this hard time, we all need to use our resources to help the community and we tried to do our part in the following ways:

  • We donated 5000 bags of Atta to the local government and NGO on a philanthropic  basis and also supplied 54 Tonnes of atta to various NGOs and Industrial associations at subsidized rates with our contribution as a charity. 

  • We also started our own initiative ‘Donate a Smile’ where anybody could donate essential food commodity boxes to anyone who is in need at discounted prices and we delivered it for free at their doorstep. The aim of this initiative was to help the most vulnerable like our house helps; drivers; elderly neighbors and ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. We contributed 10% of the price as our part.  

  • We also donated sanitizer stands to local businesses. 

  • During this time, our Executive Director (the President of India MSME Forum, Rajasthan Chapter) made strategies for fellow MSME members to work effectively.

We also know the importance of standing with our people in this adverse situation and when so many companies were letting their employees go, we still kept ours as they’ve been here for a long time and it would be against the ethics to leave them during such a difficult time. 

We also faced a lot of problems while executing all these measures with the limited access to transport facilities, laborers and misinformation & miscommunication from the government departments which led to our employees facing issues while delivering food essentials which made some of our employees reluctant to not coming but we made them understand that we are here to support them & will stand with them and because of that we were among the first few companies who were able to start export again.


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