Fresh Ground Atta, Besan, and Fresh Ground Spices; are available in areas with Live Wonder Food Mart Stores - "Coming soon in your city"

Wonder Atta Mart

Wonder Atta Mart (WAM) is a unique concept for an atta vending machine, making it perfect for the atta consumer's mindset to buy fresh flour milled right in front of them making it synonymous with "my wheat my atta".

  • With the facility to see your grain before sending it to grind, WAM is first of its kind.
  • With the ability of WAM to grind the grains when you ask for it, we provide you with the freshest atta available in the market.
  • WFM provides an enriching experience with the perfect blend of the traditional and modern approach.
  • With its customized grinding recipes of flours like Lokwan, Desi, Farmi, Sharbati, and Whole Wheat. WAM provides a new experience of getting the fresh atta.

Wonder Atta Mart - 4 Grain

Wonder Atta Mart - 5 Grain


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