Fresh Ground Atta, Besan, and Fresh Ground Spices; are available in areas with Live Wonder Food Mart Stores - "Coming soon in your city"

Wonder Spice Mart

Wonder Spice Mart (WSM) is a unique concept for a spice vending machine, making it perfect for the customers to buy fresh spices, ground right in front of them with an assurance quality and freshness.

  • With the facility to check the raw spice (Chilli Flakes, Turmeric and Cummin Seeds) before sending it to grind, WSM is first of its kind.
  • With the ability of WSM to grind instantly, we provide you with the freshest spices available in the market.
  • WSM provides an enriching experience with the perfect blend of the traditional and modern approach.
  • With its capability to grind four types of spices simultaneously, it is more convenient and time-saving procedure the customers to procure fresh spices.


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