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Shrihit Ultra Diet Atta

Shrihit Ultra Diet Atta with Multigrains
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• Shrihit's Multigrain Ultra Diet Atta is made with the wholesome goodness of 14 grains (Wheat, Bran, Gram, Sorghum, Millet/bajra, Amarnath, Barley/Jwar, Brown Rice, Soya, Oats, Raggi, Buckwheat, Fenugreek/ Dana Methi, Quinoa) which makes it extremely rich in nutrients; proteins and fiber
• It makes healthy chapatis
• It also has a low glycaemic index
• It's a healthy replacement to the regular atta and very useful for diabetic patients.
• It's also an excellent slimming atta for people looking to add weight loss flour to their diet

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