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Shrihit Wild Flower Honey

Shrihit Wild Flower Honey - (वाइल्ड फ्लावर शहद ) - 100% Natural
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Shrihit provides 100 % natural honey from various wildflower plantations from J&K, Himachal Pradesh hilly regions.

It is 100% natural honey with quality standards and hygiene.

It has a very pleasant flavor and distinctive taste. Honey is a great substitute for sugar and helps in the healing of wounds.

Wildflower honey is an energy booster and a natural remedy for many ailments.

Pure and Natural Honey tends to crystallize over a period of time.

It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties. Procured from the pollution-free land of J & K

Made in India | | 100% customer satisfaction 


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